Jesse Merrell: Blog en-us (C) Jesse Merrell [email protected] (Jesse Merrell) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Jesse Merrell: Blog 120 120 Eclectic Vignettes at Spectrum Art Gallery Time to shake things up!  I paired up with Travis Rockett to present a photography exhibition that was not your typical sterile, single image spaced 10 inches apart.  We decided to grab a variety of images from different places and subject matter, and paired them with different frames and presentation, all combined and arranged in clusters, or "Vignettes."  Each vignette combines both are work, and there is a single theme that connects all the images within the vignette.  Then we styled the vignettes in both symmetrical and asymmetrical displays. 


The idea behind this is that art galleries display work singly, or double stacked at times.  The logic, of course, is to have focus on a single image or pair so that the viewer can take the time to be immersed in the work.  Dramatic spacing also allows each work to stand alone and "breathe."  However, in our exhibtion, we threw that out the door.  We wanted it to look how we would put things in our living rooms - in clusters, varying frames, and a touch broken from "normal" continuity.

Lastly, we wanted to make sure this exhibition was accessible and affordable.  The reason we make art is for people to connect with it.  But it does no good if the folks who connect with the work cannot collect it.  As such, we made the works smaller.  Partly so they can fit within the space as a vignette, but also to encourage patrons to become art collectors!

The exhibition will be up at Spectrum Art Gallery, in the Heart of the Tower District from January 4, 2018 through January 28, 2018.  We will have an Artist's Reception on Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 2pm until 5pm.  Be sure to drop by and say hi! 

We are proud of our show, "Eclectic Vignettes," and we hope you enjoy it.  

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Fun with Chemigrams This weekend I needed to get back into my creative zone. I edited a few images, made a few prints, but I still felt like I wanted to do more; I wanted to get more "hands-on" with my work.  This can be summed up in two words: Alternative Processes.  But the sun was already going down, and I don't have a UV light box.  


.....So, I thought I would take another stab at chemigrams.  

Japanese Maple Group

One amazing thing about photo paper is that it is so flexible in what it can do.  I gathered a few leaves, mixed some chemistry, and started making art. I was very amazed with the results this time.  I was able to get some great leaf impressions, as well as a few of the "artist's hand."  But I was totally blown away with the results from the last 2 images.  These could only be described as non-objective chemigram paintings. The best part was bringing out color, albeit a little soft, from black and white paper.  

Chemigram Painting 2

Take a look and let me know what you think!


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Kaleid: 3 Short Series Come see a visual banquet of color, pattern, and design in Kaleid; A series of works by Jesse Merrell. These striking works represent a photographic fusion of organic images and mechanical components that are arranged into a visual spectacle that simply must be seen! Kaleid: Three Short Series will be on display for one night only on:


Thursday, June 5, 2014

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM




The Brass Unicorn

845 East Fern Ave

Fresno, CA  93728

Kaleidosticks No. 2Kaleidosticks No. 2

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