Using various methods in my artwork, I like to tell the deep and complex stories of my subjects. I use traditional elements of composition to produce an inspiring image in every photograph. This allows for its story to unfold as it is viewed individually. Further, I explore the finer details and subtle characteristics to find a new and unique perspective. The result can contrast between simple and elegant to dramatic
and sublime.

With a little bit of whimsy and a touch of fantasy, my digital art allows me to go further and tell stories of my own. By way of imagery that oozes expression and dynamic energy, my work communicates in the visual language the essence of every tale. A different world is thus expressed in which I seek to connect beyond the surface to experience the creative soul within us all. Each object within seems to vibrate in the wake of energy that passes from moment to moment. This has always served as my motivation and inspiration.

What begins as a simple photograph can illustrate the most exquisite detail, and sometimes a simple image can evolve, beyond the constraints of our known reality, until we encounter our realities reimagined.